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  • Holidaying in Chiang Mai, Thailand: A Look at Costs

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     If Thailand is the textbook backpacking country of choice then Chiang Mai is surely the destination where it’s at. Come and enjoy the wonderful balance of local markets where most produce smells vaguely of fish sauce but where there is always an air conditioned coffee chain around the corner. Here there’s enough spice in the food to bring a tear to many a farang’s eye (that’s a foreigner to me and you) but it’s still possible to get bread and cheese in the expat-frequented malls. For South East Asia this later fact is simply amazing for the Western food craving backpacker. Chiang Mai is even easy enough to introduce your kids to backpacking. Perfect. Let’s have a look at how much a backpacking break in this North Thai city will set you back.

    • Accommodation is plentiful just choose your style. There are proper ‘let’s sit around all day watching Friends, drinking banana smoothies and wearing very little’ hostels for the gap year backpacker types. Here pick up a bed for $10 a night, just don’t expect to get any sleep with those banging beats of karaoke fun! These places are plentiful around Tha Pae Gate in the Old City. For the middle-of-the-range ‘I want to see the world but I don’t want to sleep in a hovel’ traveller grab a comfy bed for just over $20 a night. We like the Mountain View Guesthouse for it’s wooden interiors and friendly staff. For those lucky tourists who are ‘on a two week break and have money to burn’ a luxury pad can be obtained for around $55 a night. You could try the apartments at the Airport Greenery for a taste of the good life. Many of these top notch establishments will include a pool and spa or massage facilities. Enjoy!

    • Let’s talk about the nosh. Oh yes! Thailand is top tastebud tantalising territory! Pop into one of the cool food courts to sample a meal as the locals do it. Boy, do they know how to do it! Grab noodle soup (there’s so many to choose from, the most popular with Thais comes with pork), a papaya salad (complete with peanuts, shrimps, lime and chilli) and a Thai coffee (made sweet with condensed milk: soon you won’t want it any other way!) all for the price of a Starbucks coffee back home. In the restaurant chains you can expect to pay up to $20 for a posh dinner. The food will be equally delectable!

    • Between your sleeping and your eating there’s simply tonnes to see and do in Chiang Mai! Go and be an elephant keeper for the day. Spot hippos at the night safari. Peruse the silk at the fabric markets. Visit an orchid farm. Marvel at the Buddhist Wats (temples). Or simply make friends with the locals. After all, this is the land of smiles.

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